Special Programs

My focus is on helping dealers getting started or those trying to figure out next steps during the first 2 or 3 years in the BHPH business.  The focus is on reconditioning and making repairs in your BHPH operation, using customer’s money, to helping sell and collect in your market.

Using 22 years of managing BHPH dealerships including the startup of 5 dealerships in 3 states I can help your operation find traction and get moving the direction you want to go. It is not just knowledge from 22 years of one operation, run my way. It is 22 years of multiple operations, 20 Groups and being a student of the industry trying different ways of operating in multiple markets.

Also, check out BHPH 101 PLUS as a manual to guide you in all aspects of BHPH. Call me to come to your store and work with all your personnel, answering questions while showing you ways that can help you be more successful.

I invite you to submit your information and take advantage of some of our cost-efficient offerings exclusively for clients of our partners in the industry.

Thank you,
Gene Daughtry 

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